Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stimming Day 3

Three days down, and we're getting better at the shots. I'm not feeling horrible right now, either.  So that's good. A little fatter than normal, maybe bloated? I hate that word.

I had to leave a work dinner tonight about 7 minutes after the food was placed on the table because of our shot schedule.  My previous boss knows about everything that's going down, and one of my coworkers who was there.  But my boss's boss, who was holding the dinner, doesn't know (and doesn't need to know) so that's for sure an awkward moment.  I mentioned to him earlier that I would need to leave a little before 6:30- I was so glad he didn't ask why.  But when I got to the dinner and mentioned to another coworker that I'd be heading out early, he of course asked.  I can't believe I hadn't thought of a good excuse.  I panicked, paused probably significantly too long, looked at him and said "I have medication I need to take." 


Medication? I need to take?  At 6:30 on the dot? Absolutely normal.

He left me alone. I looked like a sitting duck.

So I'm staring at my watch every 30-45 seconds as everyone is laughing and chatting...and waiting for the food that taunted me for 45 minutes.  They actually brought the food out right at 6:30, our shot time.  What am I supposed to do? Leave after ordering without getting my food? Ask them to box it up as soon as they bring it to the table? AWKWARD!  So, naturally, I ate like I was competing for a prize.  My coworkers are nibbling, chatting about life and events and the phenomenal guacamole...and I don't even pause to look up from my soft tacos.  When I stuffed the last bite in my mouth I finally surveyed my surroundings.  The curious guy from before got the same dish as me.  He had eaten half of his first taco. Mine were demolished. I think I still had food in my mouth when I "calmly" mentioned that I had to excuse myself, "I'm already a bit late, although I hate to eat and run..." I mean, you should have seen the looks. There's a pretty good chance that I had some soft taco hanging out of my blouse, possibly a slice of avocado in my hair. Everyone was totally polite and all, but good lord I felt uncomfortable. 

I sprinted home after calling my husband in the parking lot to get "the pharmacy" ready for when I got home. By the time I was alcohol swabbed it was 7:00 on the dot, B went for it...it stung...but it was ok.  He threw the needle in our sharps box, handed me the heating pad and said "hi hon, how are you?".  Wow.  IVF is quite the scenario.

I'm planning to get a manicure after work tomorrow with my mom- luckily she knows what's going on so that when I have to run out the door at 6:27 she won't freak out.  Hopefully she's cool with picking up the tip, my nails won't be dry enough to reach in my purse... ;)

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