Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good GOOD news!!!

Our little seven turned into little ELEVEN! Yeah, somehow four of the 9 that didn't show any signs of fertilization actually fertilized.  This was such a good phone call. Holy crap, what a good phone call! 

It got better. My doctor uses a 1-3 rating scale at this point (don't know if all labs do that...) with 1 being 0-10% fragmentation, 2 a little more than that, 3 not so good.  Well, we have 9 embryo's scoring a 1!!!! We have two embryo's that are 2's. No 3's.

I can't believe it, this is amazing.  I definitely wasn't expecting an increase in embryo number, let alone such a good report of quality.

So, of course, the embryologist had to throw us a curve ball to make us start thinking rather than just celebrating (ok, no we're still celebrating).  She said that due to my age (27) and my embryo quality at this point (which could obviously change by day 5), she would recommend we go forward with a single embryo transfer right now. 

Dr. Z mentioned this before. He's a firm believer.  I'm totally torn.  His office shows only about a 5% decrease in success rate with a single embryo transfer as opposed to transferring two.  But it obviously decreases the chance of twins, and Dr. Z likes that a lot. 

I want to hear your opinions.  What have you read? What have you heard?  B is concerned about the risks of a twin pregnancy.  I'm concerned about a 5% decrease in success rates. I'm not too sure about the risks associated with multiples. Thoughts? Anyone?

And yay again! :)


  1. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME news! That is just wonderful to see. 11 great quality embryos is a dream!

    Ok. On to the questions:

    1) What are their success rates at your clinic? A 5% decrease in 33% success rates is a whole lot different that a 5% decrease in 75% success rates.
    2) Also, what does your doc say is the possible increased chance of twins should you go with 2 blasts on day 5?
    3) How do you feel about the possibility of twins? How does your husband feel about twins?
    4) Any reasons Dr. Z can see that twins would make you at a higher risk for a pregnancy? (I don't mean those blanket comments about higher risk junk they say to everyone. I mean about you specifically.)
    5) Say you go for 2 and get pregnant with twins and become a high risk pregnancy. Is there a support system around you to help if you are put on bed rest or something of the like. (not everyone does go on bed rest, either. I am just looking at how you could work through a worst case scenario)

    I think if you have the answers to those questions, you'll know what is best for your family.

  2. Omg, that's amazing!!
    I am thinking about these questions if we get to transfer. I think I would want 2 put back in, just to max our chance of getting pregnant.

  3. Thank you ladies! Stacie- just a followup. The clinic we're at has about a 60% success rate for my age group. With my age group with 2 embryo's transferred, there's about a 45% chance of twins!

    My husband and I were really hoping for twins all along, mainly because of the cost of IVF since we won't be able to try a-la-natural. But because it's so much more real right now than it's ever been, we're thinking a little differently- more cautiously maybe? But we both would still be absolutely stoked with twins! Just maybe a little fearful of the complications and the difficulty. Does that make sense?

    We have an amazing support system. That's a great question to think about!

    I'm going to spend some good quality time talking to Dr. Z tomorrow about twin pregnancy, what that would mean for me, etc.

    Thank you thank you!!!!