Friday, July 2, 2010

One Down...

Our first Lupron injection went fine last night.  Didn't hurt at all, kind of tickled and itched a little actually.  It looked like a tiny little bee sting afterwards, sorta red with a little white dot.  Hopefully that means we did it right.  B did the injection, he's going to do all of them.  It'll give him a chance to be involved the whole way through. 

The doctor's appointment was crazy.  My ultrasound looked good, the uterine lining is pretty thin because I've had so much breakthrough bleeding this month (I hate this new bcp I'm on...I want the old one back, but they of course discontinued the ONLY bcp that has ever worked properly for me).  But that's apparently fine, I'm going to probably bleed next week anyway.  But the injection training was like a crash course/test.  The nurse would show us how to do the whole process (attaching the needle to the syringe, filling with air, collecting meds, injecting...or the mixing of several meds which we start in a week and a half) and then hand it over for us to try.  It was terrifying! "Ok, so first it's the needle attaching, then collecting meds...NO WAIT, fill with air, or wait...can I inject now???"  I felt like I was under a microscope.  "This is your first test of motherhood.  Can't fill the syringe properly? You're probably going to be a horrible mother.  Actually, you already ARE a horrible mother.  Your future baby NEEDS those medications properly." ...

Alright, maybe a bit dramatic.  The nurse was super nice and she helped us along every time.  I made B try it in front of her each time, too (mainly so I'd have another chance to watch because she was going wicked fast, but don't tell B that...).  (Love you honey!)

We put down a fat check yesterday, too.  There, I'm an awesome mom already.  Throwing cash at the little guy before he's even conceived. Mommy loves you! Now make sure you do what those medications are meant for, ok?

I'm about 7 minutes away from our second Lupron injection.  We're doing them every night at 6:30.  For some reason Dr. Z wants them between 4-7 every evening.  I asked why, didn't get a straight answer. Oh well, I'm game.

I also asked about exercise, because I'm such a super fit rockstar and all.  He said what type of exercise.  So I thought of the most rockstar hardcore stuff I could think ok. "You know, running, lifting weights, the usual."  He actually said that I could do whatever until we start stimulation on the 11th.  That's when my ovaries are going to blow up like beautiful little balloons with lots of little future babies ready for the picking :) Apparently there's a risk of ovary torsion with said process.  So nothing that can make my belly jiggle or move too much.  That means no running or bike riding, or lower body weight lifting.  Even no elliptical.  But a brisk walk is fine (I'm not sure he knows how easily my belly jiggles...yikes).  And upper body lifting is fine, which I was surprised at.  Thought it would be no weight lifting - but that's good, cuz I'm not actually a rockstar like I'd like to pretend.  I'm actually a champion weight gainer, and I'll be quite the fatty if I can't get this ass moving a little.

Ok, only about 4 minutes now til the big Lupron shot bee sting. I should go help B prepare.  Yay! I'll keep updating with any symptoms.  I got super hot last night before bed, but it was 106 degrees outside at like 10pm, so causation could be a bit of a mess in that situation. Waiting patiently for my first headache/mood swing.  Yippee! I know B's super excited too...

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