Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Progesterone Suppositories...TMI

Leakage! Leakage leakage leakage.  If I'm committed to honesty on this blog, then the word for the day is leakage.  How do people deal with these things? I need to go buy some liners, this is wonderful.

I wish that I could do them at night rather than in the morning- I've heard it's much less messy.  But no, I get to trot to work with this between my legs.  I must look like I've got something up my a** when I'm walking around. Very squirmish. I'm just trying to keep it in there!!!

Anyone else have this extent of leaking? I mean, is it working? Is enough staying in there to do the job??? It's all oily... wow.

I was light headed again this morning when I got up. It made me feel sick- dizzy. Lying down again does the trick, but I'm a little worried about going back to work on Monday. Please let all of this be a GOOD thing! Not just side effects of the massive amounts of hormones I'm on... Please!

I'm gonna try to get B to take me to the Farmer's Market if I can sit in the car without ruining the upholstery.  I'm sorry, too much. :)


  1. TMI- I am using them rectally. Gross I know but it is not painful and so far no leakage. I have to use them this way as am bleeding from my egg retrieval.

    It's horrible what we put our body through, but hopefully it will be worth it!!

  2. THat doesn't sound fun at all. It seems like you get to suffer through all the fun of progesterone--as if your sore behind isn't enough! You poor thing.

    I go with the belief that anything out of the norm for you is a good sign! It is pretty interesting-have you told your clinic? Could it be a reaction to one of the drugs you are on?