Friday, March 11, 2011

3dp5dt Updates!

Got the email from our doctor's office last night that my estrogen and progesterone levels are great!  No changes to the meds (still living in that alternate universe from the last time!). That means no progesterone suppositories yet!!!  Yet!  They also gave me my numbers again, which I love.  I guess last time my estradiol was around 340...yesterday it was 955!  And last time my progesterone was 33.  Yesterday it was over 40 (that's all they told me, but I'm happy!)

Symptoms update:  Turn away if you're that "ew that's gross" type...  I've been having some "tummy troubles" lately.  Since the retrieval my stomach hasn't really liked me.  I mean, with my endo my stomach's never really liked me per say.  But it's gotten worse. "Irregular" comes to mind.  But then my stomach woke up again last night.  But it wasn't pretty.  Here:

Sorry mom...totally unlady-like.

So last night my stomach was not very nice.  But I woke up this morning and I'm feeling much better.  Obviously the gas pains have gone away which is good! Ew, that's gross.  Sorry.

So I'm also up and at them today, which I've missed.  I know I totally didn't need to stay down for three days after the transfer, but it makes me feel better.  I started getting up a bit more yesterday, but today I'm ready and raring to go!  Get me outta here! 

I have an acupuncture appointment later today that I'm really excited about.  Especially now that I feel so much better.  But I gotta admit, I'm a little off still in a way.  Not quite nauseas, but a little bit light headed.  I hope that's a good thing.  The cramping has pretty much gone away, I so hope that was implantation cramping. Pleaseeee?

I'm also done with the Dostinex thank GOODNESS! Hopefully OHSS doesn't creep up on me later- Dr. L said I have to watch out for it around the time of our pregnancy test, that's when it could pop up if it hasn't yet.  But I'm thinking no.  Don't you agree?

Alright, time to be somewhat productive.  I think I might organize the guest room...


  1. pleased your numbers are good. Hope all continues to be well.
    I love that family guy clip!!!

  2. No OHSS! Glad to hear that the levels were good... funny clip!