Monday, March 14, 2011

New Appointment Date, and thinking of a dear friend

First, I need to send some love to a very dear friend of mine. We went to school together...she's an absolute superwoman. Seriously, if you met'd know.

I just found out that she just had a very scary ruptured ectopic pregnancy- lost a fallopian tube after much internal bleeding. She's such a warrior but I know that this has to be incredibly hard for her. What a devastating loss. Please, please send some positive thoughts/prayers/vibes to my friend. I know she's been following my journey through this blog and she's so supportive, even when this time needs to be about her. Please know I'm thinking about you, C- I'm so, so sorry. All my love. Please let me know what I can do for you.

The change in my appointment date...
I'll start by saying, I'm SUCH a diva.  I remembered that our last cycle was EXACTLY the same timing during the week as this one.  Retrieval on Thursday. Transfer on Tuesday. Beta on a Thursday.  Which means...those of us who know the UBER importance of the "doubling time" for a positive don't get to know if it's increasing, decreasing, or doubling until the next MONDAY if your clinic won't do weekend betas. 

My clinic doesn't do weekend betas.

And B leaves on Sunday.

So I'm sitting here thinking about how I can't wait til Thursday...I'm feeling like maybe, just maybe, we'll get a beta that's actually considered relatively normal (not 12...).  I mean, our luckies had such a different "quality" compared to P&D...that's got to give us a better chanceon the beta front, right? (I keep telling myself as I'm sitting here with really NO pregnancy symptoms to help me out).  But then I think that maybe my betas are just low...and it will come back with like a 20 or something that's not great even if it's positive.  And then that next beta is CRAZY important again.

And I can't handle 1) waiting all weekend for a quadruple doubling rather than waiting two days for a doubling beta report and 2) B leaves on Sunday so then he'll be gone when we get the results. 

And I'm a weak, weak little diva. I need my B to hold my hand.

So I called Dr.Z/L's office (I gotta figure out who my f'ing doctor is) and started with "I've got a really melodramatic request".  Haha.

They brought Jen, my nurse, on the phone who scolded me with "you know we choose 9dp5dt for a reason.  Why are you asking?"  So then I told her my little drama and she said that they could do it for me as long as I understand that the number will be lower.

Oh honey, I understand beta hell all too well.  (Refer to new addition on my sidebar chronicalling IVF #1...I hadn't been able to do this until very recently.  I hadn't even looked at "how far along I was" type stuff until very recently.)

SO...drumroll...divaness wins again!  We have our beta at 8dp5dt on Wednesday morning at 8:45 now.  So IF it comes back positive we can do the follow-up on Friday rather than the following Monday.  That's a big IF, I know.  I hate if.  Everything about that word. 

Anyway, so, two more days.  I can do two more days!


  1. Being a Diva really pays off sometimes! Good for you for speaking up about what you need.

    I came over from the CycleSister site. We are in our first ivf cycle with retrieval on thurday or friday of this week.

    Good Luck this month!!!

  2. Awesome! I don't know if I'll be able to restrain myself from POAS!!!

  3. You go girl! I hope it comes back outta the water high! I will be trying for my 1st IVF next month. Sounding for me on Thursday. I'm not even sure what that entails....PLEASE keep posting! I'm finding this my only way of finding things out. It's dumb that we have to go through this blindly.

  4. Oh, I'd be peeing on sticks for sure. I have no will power, so good for you!! Fingers and toes crossed for a positive!!

  5. First off I send your friend positive energy and hope that everything gets better.
    That is too funny the way you called the dr's office hehehe and being a diva works out :) Good luck and keep us posted on the progress. Glad it worked out!