Saturday, March 12, 2011

4dp5dt! The POAS debate...

Oh man, please let the 2ww be OVER. How do we do this? It's such cruel and unusual punishment.

So B and I had a talk last night about POAS. I feel that:

1) I'd rather find out before I get a phone call from a doctor when B's at work.
2) I'd rather not have to CALL B to let him know whether or not our lives are changed dramatically and our dreams have come true (or not).
3) I really really really reallllllly can't wait until Thursday to know.

Ok, that third reason is just a little pathetic but it's so true.

His arguments were:

1) If we take a test early and it's negative I'm gonna get super depressed earlier than necessary.
2) If we test early and it's false negative I'm gonna get super depressed and possibly hurt what could be a viable pregnancy.
3) If we test early and it's positive he won't really believe it anyway until we get an actual confirmation from the doctor.

To which I say, good point, I guess, I kinda see where you're coming from but at the same time, pleeeeaaaseeee? Please please?

I know I'll get super depressed if we test on Thursday morning before the appointment, but if we test maybe on Tuesday...there's still a chance that it will be FALSE negative if it's negative, so I could trick myself into still being ok, but at the same time guard myself for the possibility of a really hard day on Thursday. Ya know? B's pretty much ok with whatever I decide, he wanted to play devil's advocate which is good.

I don't know. I'm torn. So, that's where you come in! Tell me your thoughts on the POAS debate! Everyone has their opinions and their reasons. Have you POAS and found a false negative? I haven't ever heard of a false positive during IVF after about 5dp5dt...but if that's happened, let me know because that would be AWFUL. Are you POASing this cycle or did you last time? Why?


  1. I have not yet done IVF but I know I am a POAS addict so it would be really hard not to test. That said, your dh has good points. Good luck!

  2. I am a poas-oholic; I would rather know sooner than later. Good luck!!! me and my dh are pulling for you!

  3. first 2 times I POAS early. I was extremely depressed. Last time I was not gonna test early, I was planning to wait, but then AF showed up early. It is early. I would say wait, but I know how hard that is!!!

  4. This is really hard and you'll do what you feel like doing in the end. One thing to consider: you can get a positive on an HPT but it may be a 'bad' positive, i.e. when you go for your betaHCG it could be low indicating that the pregnancy may not survive. I don't want to be a downer, but I know that the first time this happened to me I was completely taken aback. I had no idea I could get a positive and that it might be a 'bad' positive. Since then I mostly haven't POAS'd. I wait for the number that the first beta can give you so you know what you're dealing with.

    I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you that this is going to be positive (and a good one!!) Take care.

  5. I agree with HopeBPatient. I'm on my first IVF and have the first BETA test this Tuesday. We will have the Dr. leave a message so my dh and I can find out together and alone. Kinda like poas with audio instead of a +/- sign.
    God Bless