Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Nauseous!!! :)

So, it may be the extravagant amount of Hot Chee.tos or the large amount of ice cream I've decided to eat against "lactose intolerance" rules as of late...but I'm nauseous! It sorta started yesterday and today was a little worse. I hope this means good things! I hope this means that the little one(s) is growing!

I'm nervous about tomorrow's ultrasound. I didn't sleep last night. I've been so tired all the time, napping too much of course...and so when I woke up at midnight there was no chance of me falling back asleep anytime soon.  Especially as my mind was racing.  So I did the only logical thing, I went and watched "My F.air Wed.ding with D.avid Tu.tera" for two hours.  Obviously.

Luckily my diabolical plan to ruin B's sleep pattern is also working and he woke up too for a bit so I had someone to talk to for about 15 minutes of that. :)  Sorry b.

So I'm guessing tonight's not gonna go too well either since it's 9:30 and I just woke up from a two hour nap... yikes.

Question: if they're doing a transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow morning at 9:15am and I just put in my progesterone suppository (an hour and a half late, oops) tonight at 9:30...should I do my progesterone suppository tomorrow morning at my usual time of 8am or should I wait until after the ultrasound?  Do those progesterone suppositories pose any problems with ultrasounds?  Dumb question probably...but cut me some slack, I'm hormonal.  :)

omg...confession of the day...I joined "The B.ump".  Yikes.  It's a little scary and I might already be regretting it.  Am I jumping the gun? I feel like that all the time...but then a big part of me keeps saying that I need to jump in and enjoy this.  Those message boards get a little crazy.  I think for infertiles they can get a little hurtful from time to time...but I posted on the "November 2011" birth month board. I said, yikes.  Thoughts? And let me know your opinions on the "progesterone suppository meets transvaginal ultrasound" quandary...


  1. I'd say wait until after your ultrasound to do the suppository. It won't hurt to do it a little later.

    I'm on the bump too! I don't do much with it other than check the "how big is baby" chart.

    I will be watching eagerly to see your update tomorrow. I can't wait to see those babies!! :)

  2. Check out the pregnant after a loss board on the bump, the ladies are awesome on there and you dont have to worry about the FW (fertile whores) and their insensitive remarks. Plus when you need to freak out unnecessarily they understand. Cant wait to hear about your u/s!!!

  3. Nausea is, apparently, a really good sign! Even when I was close to hospitalisation due to my sickness, the nurse was still telling me how good it was that I was so sick (forgive me for not being as enthused as she was, though!) I hope you aren't affected by it too much though, and don't forget a lack of nausea can also be a good sign ;)

    As for joining "The Bump"... well I joined the Mums Due Sept 2011 on iVillage almost as soon as I found out, as I thought I'd rather have the support from the beginning than not. I was worried it might be too early and a risky move, but it was so nice being able to share concerns and symptoms with other ladies.

    Good Luck with the ultrasound, can't wait to hear your news xx

  4. Good luck for your US!! So exciting!
    I would put it in afterwards just to be on the safe side.
    Look forward to hearing how many is in there!!