Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm just sitting around waiting all the time now.  I can't just "do" things...I'm always thinking about it.  Monday can't come fast enough to find out if we're continuing to increase appropriately.  If the luckies are still growing.  And then I'll just be waiting for the ultrasound to make sure that they're in the right place, doing the right thing (and whether it's lucky or luckies).  And then I'll just be waiting for the ultrasound to hear a heartbeat(s)!  Oh...I hope that we'll be waiting for that day! 

B leaves tomorrow.  He'll be gone all week next week...and I'll be back at work.  Two things I'm not looking forward to in the slightest. I've got to make sure I'm not stressing out all the time and I have to (I mean HAVE to) make sure I'm eating throughout the day and not starving myself because I don't have enough time.  Priorities.

I went to Dr. Z's office yesterday to pick up a sample of a different progesterone suppository.  I was just so irritated by the massive amount of leakage- I mean how can I got to work like that?  Pads weren't was gonna be a hot mess.  She gave me two boxes of a different brand- this one doesn't need to be refrigerated and it's not oily.  It's a hard tablet.  I like it a lot better, but she said it's more expensive.  I'm going to go through the whole sample before I ask her to call in the new prescription...hopefully it's not ridiculously overpriced. 

Did anyone else's doctor not continue to monitor estrogen and progesterone after a positive HCG?  I asked yesterday whether they got a prog. count and the blood drawer said no.  They check after the transfer one time and then don't check anymore.  That seems strange to me based on what I've read...what if the suppositories aren't working as well as the PIO shots?  I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing, but is this standard protocol?

Oh Monday can't get here soon enough...but I also wish it wouldn't come.  I'm not looking forward to trying to fit into my work clothes with all of this IVF bloat. Lovely.  I'll take it any day though, as long as it makes me (and keeps me) pregnant!


  1. My Dr. didn't monitor progesterone levels either. I was naughty and altered the lab slip (I prefer to go to the hospital for my labs because I have the option of leaving with my results.)so that I could check it. It was a good thing that I did, too. My P4 dropped from something like 230 at transfer to 18 with my beta. They increased my PIO and I only checked it once after that.

    I am so so so happy for you! I hate waiting, even if it's for good things. I am probably one of the most impatient people on this planet. Let me know if you need someone to vent to. I'm always here! =)

  2. Always a wait, but so worth the wait! My IVF protocol is to monitor the progesterone levels once and continue the PIO shots for as long as they say. I haven't thought a lot about it because I've been so focused on getting to retrieval/transfer. Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound report!

  3. I hate it, but I always use them up the back passage, no leakage and honestly not as bad as you would think inserting them!

  4. Sending sticky thoughts your way!

    And, my re checked rising betas and progesterone 2-3 times and that was it.