Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not for the "ew that's gross" type...

It's a damn shame that people don't talk more about the post-retrieval bloat.  I mean, honestly, who doesn't want to talk about horrific gas pains that radiate up to your shoulders and the ever so pretty extended belly?

From what I've read via the internets, it happens to a whole lot of us.  Why doesn't the doc give us a good ol' heads up?  My post-retrieval instruction paper says nothing of the gas pains, the bloat, the constipation, or the "hurts to the touch belly" that last for days upon days.

But then I see women talking about it all over the place.  We need to stand up and let our voices be heard! My belly hurts to the touch and I can't move it's so bloated!

Ok, maybe no singing from the mountain tops needed.  But maybe a little instruction sheet from the doc would be helpful.  Ladies, what's your best remedy to get rid of this pain that's bulging into my rib cage and radiating up to my shoulders? It feels like after my laparoscopies, yikes!  Are you turning to Gas-X or are you working a little home remedy magic with some prune juice?  What has worked best for your post-retrieval bulging blues?

ps- let's put OHSS aside for this one. If you have such excrutiating pain that you need to head to the hospital or if you're gaining more than a couple pounds a've got more to think about than just your doctor.  It's serious!


  1. My heating pad was my best friend. I LIVED with that thing on!

  2. Well. As someone who is going to begin Lupron for my first IVF cycle this week, I am eternally grateful that you have mentioned this on your blog so I can prepare myself accordingly. It's true - no one else has mentioned it! Does it happen after the transfer too?