Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Beginning of the 2ww

I'm so lucky that the 2ww is really only 9 days.  It just started and I don't know if I can make it.

I'm lying in bed, staying as horizontal as possible.  I'm trying desperately not to panic about the fact that our darling cat found it necessary to pounce directly onto my stomach twice yesterday.  That's ok, right? Oh geez.

Then I'm trying not to panic everytime I have to go to the bathroom...chanting "please don't fall out, please don't fall out...". 

Dr. L told us as we were leaving the office yesterday that it's like two grains of sand in a peanut butter sandwich.  I would like that analogy if I wasn't so damn certain that it was irreconcilably wrong.  I still can't shake that whole "if the fluid in my uterus fell out just about a week ago, why couldn't these two amazingly important "grains of sand" just fall out too?  I know, I'm like a broken record.  Same deal as the last time.  You all know how it goes...paranoia's the name of the game.

So I'm lying around watching netflix all day, eating a bit of my pineapple (core intact), and some omega 3 walnut trail mix. I ate two huge bowls of my mom's glorious vegetable beef soup yesterday! I got almost as much in my mouth as on my shirt...pretty.

We get the call today about how many we got to freeze. I'm still in utter shock that we have any to freeze at all. What an amazing day :)

Did you catch our new name for these little ones?  They're the luckies.  Our little luckies.  As we were driving to the office yesterday, in the midst of the awkward quiet and stress, I decided we needed to name our "hopefully two" embryos.  Petri and Ducky, my little P & D... now what?  We were thinking of more cartoon characters.  Itchy and Scratchy came up, which I promptly shot down.  There were several others that just weren't fitting.  Then I noticed B's shirt.  It was the same shirt he wore the last's a green shirt with a big "Lucky" on the front...and then "too tough to die" below it. 

I love that.  Luck's a part of it...toughness makes up the rest.  The most. 

So, we went with Lucky as one.  But we couldn't come up with a good name for the other, even after we met our two little ones.  Snickers was something that came up...but then it just sounded like we named our embies after dogs.  Lucky and Snickers.

So, after we got home, as I was typing...I realized they're both our lucky little miracles.  Our luckies.

Cheesey, I know. But I love it. :)


  1. I love reading your blog and the positive vibes!! Keep it up! Attitude is half the battle in my mind! :-)

  2. I love that..your little luckies. Cheesey is always good.

  3. I found your blog through Stirrup Queens, and just wanted to say that the part about your husband's T-shirt really made me smile. "Too tough to die." I love it! Hoping your 2 weeks fly by quickly and that your luckies stay for a long time!

  4. Luckies sounds perfect to me! :]

  5. Stay for 9 months Luckies!!!!!!