Sunday, March 6, 2011

Updates! Day 3 Report

Got a call from the embryologist this morning!

We had 19 eggs fertilized, and out of those 19, we currently have:

9 grade 1
7 grade 2
4 grade 3

Yeah, that's 20. I'm not really sure what the deal is there- and I didn't do the math until after she got off the phone.  But whatever, I'm going with it.

She did mention that out of the grade 1 embryos, 5 are 8 cell.  She didn't go into more detail on the others.

Remember, that the grading scale is regarding "fragmentation".  My clinic uses a 3 point scale, so 1 means there's very little framentation (meaning the cells are dividing normally), 2 means there's some fragmentation, and 3 means there's a little more fragmentation than we'd like to see.  As the cells divide, they leave fragments behind. Too many fragments means something's not normal.

She did say that this is just a snapshot in time and everything could change (grade 3 could turn around to be better graded or grade 1's could turn into grade 3's- like we saw last time).

I begged and pleaded with her again to take super good care of our little ones...I didn't want the same shock on transfer day as last time.  But I can tell you that she never once brought up the "elective single embryo transfer" like she did the last time! Ha!

We've got a lot more to work with this time, but the quality is a little different (actually, a little too similar...).  I'm still super happy, but I think on Day 3 last time we had 11 fertilized, 9 of which were grade 1 (weird), and 2 were grade 2.  No grade 3's.   Day 5 we had no grade 1's, no blasts.  We had one grade 2 and one grade 3... Petri and Ducky.  Petri stuck (I say it was Petri because he was a boy in the Land Before Time...and we found out that ours was a boy...which is still really too much for me to talk about).

Alright, so I'm feeling hopeful and a little scared right now.  Five AWESOME looking embies, 4 really really good, 7 right there in the game, and 4 that are hanging on.  C'mon little ones, I know you can make it this time! I know you've got it in you!!

We're scheduled for a day 5 transfer at 1:15 on Tuesday.


  1. Once again - great news!!!

    The Land Before Time - what a great movie!

  2. Wonderful news! Do you get an update on day 4 too or not again until transfer?

  3. Nope, no more updates until I show up at transfer...which was super hard the last time because we were WAY too optimistic on transfer day. I asked her if she could look at them on day 4 and she said the benefit of looking at them won't outway the negatives of pulling them out of the incubator on day 4 and stressing them out more.

    So, alas, I'll be cautiously optimistic going in on Tuesday this time! :)

  4. I'm keeping all of my crossables crossed for you! Such and exciting, and yet extremely stressful time! Sending great vibes your way!

  5. Keeping good thoughts and fingers and toes crossed for a great transfer on Tuesday!!